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The PR6 (Predictive 6 Factor) Resilience Scale is:

A scientifically validated, neuroscience-based psychometric.

Delivered online and takes about 3 minutes to complete.

Identifies resilience across 6 distinct domains of resilience.

An advanced, holistic progressive measurement of essential life skills required for resilience, personal wellbeing and success.

Valuable Insight and Benefits:

Predictive: Through the Momentum measurement, the PR6 measures resilience now and also predicts future direction.

Broadly Applicable: Can be applied across a broad range of industries. Small or large businesses, individuals, teams, athletes and even students from 14 years old.

Efficient: Worried about survey fatigue? The PR6 only takes 3 minutes and can achieve 89% participation when used in organisations.

Scientific: Neuroscience research established the PR6 with a strong consistency score of 0.8398, with each domain separately validate

Added Bonus:

When you purchase the PR6 Resilience Assessment, you will receive access to online video tutorials providing you with immediate access to activities to help you build resilience across each of the six domains.

You also have the option of receiving 12 months access to the entire suite of 800+ activities on resilience, financial resilience and mindset at a fee of $10 AUD per month.

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